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Stress Management


Stress and Adaptation as Related to Sensory Perceptual Isolation Research


Shurley, J. T.

Journal - Year


Water Immersion and Flotation: From Stress Experiment to Stress Treatment

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REST in the Treatment of Persistent Psychophysiological Insomnia

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Replication of a Clinical Outcome Study on a Hospital-Based Stress Management and Behavioral Medicine Program Utilizing Flotation REST and Biofeedback

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 Enhancing Hypnotizability Differential Effects of Flotation REST and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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Effects of Chamber REST, Flotation REST and Relaxation on Transient Mood State

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 Health & Therapeutic applications of chamber and flotation REST Therapy

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Flotation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) as a Stress-Management Tool; A meta-analysis

Dierendonck, D. & Nijenhuis, J.

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Bending and Mending the Neurosignature. Frameworks of Influence by Flotation-REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) Upon Wellbeing in Patients with Stress Related Ailments

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Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden - 2006

Effects of REST(Restricted Environmental Stimulation technique) on Stress Related Muscle Pain: Are 33 Flotation Sessions More Effective than 12 Sessions?

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Personality and Behaviour - 2007

Treating stress-related pain with the flotation restricted environmental stimulation technique:  Are there differences between women and men?

Sven Å Bood PhD, Anette Kjellgren PhD, Torsten Norlander PhD Prof

Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden - 2009

Enhanced Independence and Quality of Life Through Treatment with Flotation-Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique of a Patient with both Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Aspergers Syndrome: A Case Report

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Cases Journal - 2009

Searching for Placebo Effects: Do Sensitive Personality and Breathing Instructions Influence the Experience of FlotationREST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique)?  

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Preventing Sick-leave for Sufferers of High Stress-load and Burnout Syndrome: A Pilot Study Combining Psychotherapy and the Flotation tank 

Anette Kjellgren*, Hanne Buhrkall and Torsten Norlander 

InternatIonal Journal of Psychology and PsychologIcal therapy - 2011

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