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Journal - Year

The Effects of Flotation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy on Learning: Subjective Evaluation and EEG Measurements

Taylor, T.

1st International Conference on REST and Self-Regulation - 1983

Hemespheric Asymmetry and REST

Budzynski T.H.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation: Theoretical and Empirical Developments in Flotation REST - 1990

Effects of Flotation REST on Simulated Instrument Flight Performance

Melchiori, L.G. & Barabasz, A. F.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation: Research and Commentary - 1990

Effects of Flotation REST on Creative Problem Solving and Originality

Norlander, T., Bergman, H. & Archer, T.

Journal of Environmental Psychology - 1990

 Flotation REST and Imagery in the Improvement of Athletic Performance

Suedfeld, P. & Bruno, T.

Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology - 1990

Flotation REST and Imagery in the Improvement of Collegiate Athletic Performance: Basketball

Wagaman, J. & Barabasz, A.

Clinical and Experimental Restricted Environmental Stimulation: New Developments and Perspectives - 1993

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique Improves Human Performance: Rifle Marksmanship

Barabasz, A. F., Barabasz M., Bauman J

Perceptual & Motor Skills - 1993

Imagery, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Restricted Enviromental Stimulation Enhancing Rowing Ergometer Performance Through Floatation REST

Richardson, S.

University of British Columbia Department of Psychology - 1998

Primary Process in Competitive Archery Performance: Effects of Flotation REST

Norlander, T. and Bergman, H.

Journal of Applied Sports Psychology -1999

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