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Blood Pressure & Cortisol Levels



Journal - Year

The Effects of Brief Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy in the Treatment of Hypertension

Fine, T. Turner, J

Behavioral Therapist - 1982

Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) on Plasma Cortisol, ACTH, and LH

Fine, T. Turner, J

Biofeedback Self Regulation - 1983

The Effects of Short Term Flotation REST on Relaxation: A Controlled Study

Jacobs, G.D., Heilbronner, R. L., Stanley, J.M.

Is Floatation Isolation a Relaxing Environment?

Forgays, D. Belinson, M.

Health Psychology 1984

Journal of Environmental Psychology - 1986

Effects of Biobehaviorally Assisted Relaxation Therapy on Blood Pressure, Plasma Renin, Cortisol and Aldosternone Levels and Their Variation Borderline Essential Hypertension

Turner, J., Fine, T., McGrady, A., Higgins, J.

Clinical Biofeedback and Health - 1987

The Presence or Absence of Light During Flotation Restricted Environmental Stimulation: Effects on Plasma Cortisol, Blood Pressure, and Mood

Turner J., Fine T, Ewy G, Sershon P, Freundlich T.

Biofeedback and Self Regulation - 1989

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Influences Plasma Cortisol Levels and Their Variability

Turner, J., Fine, T.

 Restricted Environmental Stimulation: Research and Commentary - 1990

Effects of Flotation REST on the Immune Response: TCells, B-Cells, Helper and Suppressor Cells

Ruzyla-Smith, P. & Barabasz, A.

Clinical and Experimental Restricted Environmental Stimulation: New Developments and Perspectives - 1993 

Neuroendocrine and Psychological Effects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation in a Flotation Tank

Schulz, P. and Kaspar, C.

Biological Psychology - 1994

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